Kitchen Upgrades & Installations

We have “family rooms”, “living rooms”, beautiful porches and decks for hosting, yet almost everyone can relate to the fact that the kitchen is the one room of a home that attracts people like a magnet. We’re pretty sure this has nothing to do with the polarity of water, and this isn’t just where food is prepared and dishes are done. Kitchens are where your children, your friends, your mother-in-law, and sometimes even your party guests gravitate. Life happens here. So whether you’re where you plan to set down roots or you’re hoping to list and sell your house, the benefits of keeping your kitchen upgraded and in good repair are substantial.

Kitchen Sink Upgrades & Replacements

Tired of your backsplash and countertops getting wet while you wash dishes because your sink is too shallow? That’s one reason to replace and upgrade your kitchen sink, but it doesn’t stop there. Another good reason to upgrade your sink is because it’s leaking or not in good condition in general. Over time, even the most durable stainless steel sink gets dents, scratches, rust stains, and even holes. Even a cast iron sink, which is incredibly tough, can look terrible when the enamel coat chips and cracks.

In addition to the functional aspects, choosing an attractive sink design is also important when you update your kitchen. Upgrading and remodeling your kitchen adds value to your home and the sink is the centerpiece of your kitchen. The top two things people notice about a kitchen are the countertops and the sink.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Once you decide to upgrade your sink, you’ll need to choose what type of sink will best fit your kitchen. The two things to consider are the number of basins and shape.  

Make sure your upgraded sink is installed correctly by having a professional Raleigh plumbing team help you out. We’ve worked with countless Raleigh homeowners who are remodeling or are just ready for a new kitchen sink. We’ll guarantee your sink is set properly into your countertop, is sealed correctly, and all the pipes and connections are secure and working right.  

Kitchen Faucet Upgrades & Replacements

When you upgrade your kitchen sink, it’s usually a good time to upgrade your kitchen faucet as well. An old outdated faucet on a new upgraded sink looks a bit out of place. If the reason you’re upgrading is to increase your home’s appeal and value, you’ll probably want to get the faucet upgrade done in conjunction with the sink upgrade. On the other hand, if your faucet is simply not working properly it just may be time for a new kitchen faucet.

Kitchen Faucet Favorites

Kitchen faucets come in many different styles, shapes, and functions. Some of our customer favorites include:

Dishwasher Replacements & Installations

When you decide to remodel or upgrade your kitchen, one of the major appliance upgrades is the dishwasher. If you’re looking for uniformity in your kitchen, you’ll want your appliances to match and be up-to-date. Dishwashers having been making kitchen clean-up convenient for decades, and like all technology, they keep improving.

Benefits of upgrading your dishwasher:  

If you do decide to upgrade your dishwasher make sure you get an experienced Raleigh plumbing company to help you with the install. They can be complicated to install, and if not done properly can cause massive leaks that can ruin floors and cabinets.

We can also help with kitchen upgrades and the installation of new sinks. Replacing old kitchen faucets and sinks is a great way to reduce your water usage and save on your monthly utility bills.

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