Know When to Fix or Replace a Faucet

Faucets in your kitchen and in your bathrooms play such an integral role in your everyday life that they’re easy to overlook — that is, until they start leaking! Then you have to decide whether to try to fix it yourself or call in a pro. Unless you’re handy with a pair of pliers, calling a plumber is a smart move.....
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Converting to Single-Handle Faucets

3 Tips on Converting from Dual Handle to Single Handle Faucets - Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or just fixing a leaky faucet, you’re going to find a slew of choices when it comes to the faucet itself....
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Plumbing Upgrades to Save Water

4 Ways to Save Water & Save Money! Plumbing upgrades to save water are increasingly popular ways to be more eco-friendly and with good reason. Whether the motivation is to save money on water bills or to be "greener", conserving water in your home or business is a great place to start with the help of a plumber...
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Raleigh Plumbing Upgrades for Kitchen and Bath

Upgrades & Tips for Your Kitchen and Bathroom You Can't Afford to Miss
Yes! Plumbing isn't just about leaks, and mystery clogs you'd rather not think about. Home owners have two major things to consider when it comes to optional upgrades of kitchens and bathrooms. Both can keep money in your pocket over time...
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You Got Me Straight Drippin’, Boo!

5 Common Plumbing Leaks You Need to Know About
Plumbers get a lot of calls about leaks, drips, and mystery spikes in water bills. We can upgrade bathroom fixtures and pipes, plumb new additions or remodels, or connect your new undermount kitchen sink. But, Raleigh, you’re straight drippin’, so we have some tips on some of the most common sources of your plumbing woes...
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Water Heater Repair and Buying Guide

Common Problems and a Guide to Getting Them Fixed
Water heater repair is a given in home-ownership at some point. Midtown Plumbing gets a lot of calls about problems with them, so we want to be a resource for some information about them for our customers. Most come with warranties for a certain number of years, but we can't always be lucky enough to have issues arise within that window of time...
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