Bathroom Repairs & Upgrades

Like upgrading and remodeling your kitchen, a bathroom upgrade can increase the value of your home and just make it more comfortable and attractive. When you replace outdated features with modern, energy-efficient baths, toilets, and sinks, you can increase the value of your home and decrease the time it might take to sell substantially. The upgrade process allows you to correct features you aren’t thrilled about, add more space, make your home more energy-efficient, and enjoy a more luxurious and modern bathroom.  

Installing a New Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom sink probably gets as much use as the kitchen sink. When you decide to upgrade, you can have a lot of fun choosing a design that best represents the theme and function you want for your bathroom.

Sink Upgrades Include:

Bathroom Faucets  

Chances are, if you’re upgrading your sink you’ll want a new faucet to go with it. We install any type of faucet with your sink:

Bathtub and Bathtub Faucet Upgrades

An equally important focal point in your bathroom is your bathtub. A new bathtub or shower booth is a major plumbing project that you’ll want to get right the first time. A pipe that is not sealed or connected correctly behind the wall can end up causing a lot of damage if it’s leaking unknown to you.  

Some Popular Bathtubs to Consider:

Bathtub Faucets

Like the bathroom sink, when you’re upgrading your bathtub you’ll likely want to integrate a new faucet. Whether it’s a single handle upgrade or another style, we will get it installed correctly so you don’t have to worry about what might happen behind the walls after the installation.  

Popular Bathtub Faucets:


Toilet Installation, Repairs and Upgrades

Toilets might not be the first to mind when you think of upgrades, but they really can affect the look and function of your bathroom. Low-flow toilets are a great way to save money on your water bill, and relocation of toilets in bathrooms can really help to update the space overall. The catch is that no one wants to wrestle with removing their old toilet. And even worse is when the new one doesn’t get seated on its wax ring properly. Then you end up with a toilet leaking wastewater from its base.

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